Trainer Level Crossover

Trainer Level Crossover

To increase the level of your character in the game has a lot of ways. What will be your higher level your character up to level the Pokémon will allow you to be strengthened accordingly and find more rare pokemon. to fight in the gym a few of the most beautiful way and your capture new Pokémon are rare.


Activity Experience Points

Pokemon Catch 100XP

Pokemon Cause Evolution The 500XP

Visit Poke Stop 50XP

Friends GYM Varies

GYM opponent Varies


Furthermore, the following is recommended to pay attention to the course with other functions not only earn EXP and stay with them as quickly as possible to skip levels constitute a very important game.


Activity Experience Points

New Pokemon Catch 500XP

Excellent Throw 100 XP

Great Throw 50XP

Nice Throw 10XP

Curve Ball 10XP


If you did everything right as Example able to gain a lot of experience points at one time.

Pokemon capture process from the 100 XP
500 XP is the new pokemon
and because it was a very nice shot 100XP


A total of 700 XP Earned.

When tut Pokemon from Pokemon egg if you have a total of 1000 XP before you Buy.




XP comes with GYM
XP comes from the training you have made a friend GYM but these variables.

* Pokemon that you battle CPU you have proximity
* The number of Pokémon that war
* Won or you lose case

such factors affect.
Lucky Egg
Which is your privilege to follow us in this part of Lucky’s belongings from EGGER I can say is very important. this item to help you get extra XP for 30 minutes after it is used in the mirror when used with incense or lure module can experience level jump bombardment.


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