Slitherio Mods Chrome Extension

Slitherio Mods Chrome Extension

Let's find out the chrome extension for Mods now! This new expansion is known as a nice combination between Mods and Hacks. There are also now features that have just been added to the game for your experience.

In-game features

  • Zoom in and out with the mouse
  • Show the present position
  • Follow your FPS with FPS counter
  • Follow the server's IP of your friends with your current one on your own server
  • Link the server's IP of your friends and play the game together
  • The normal background for the low system, so use it to make it appropriate to any system
  • Decreased the glow to assist the low-end system
  • Choose the proper graphic mode for your system
  • Play the game with your buddies
  • Nicks and setting are going to be saved
  • Picking a server
  • The Snake Skin Rotator can be turned on/off  with key W
  • Background Changer
  • Tap key ESC for the respawn
  • Press key Q to die back to the main menu
  • New selection: Enable or immobilize mode
  • Live update
  • Tap key Tab to turn on/off HUD
  • Reset zoom
  • Make a speed boost using key Shift
  • New UI


Tap key ESC for respawn
Use the mouse wheel to scroll down or up for zooming in our out.
Tap key Q to die
Use Tilde/Grave (~/`) or Period (.) to reset zoom
Press key Tab to turn on/off the HUD
Key W to turn on/off the Skin Rotator
Use key Shift or click left mouse for a speed boost
Please ensure that you already remove or disable any other scripts or extensions of first.
For deleting the extension, just move to chrome://extensions and select disable checkbox or the trash can icon nearby the extension that you want to remove.

Chrome Expansion

Mod is a viewed as a script that will alter the client that doesn't demand a new update much and the mod won't contain cheats. At first, it was a Tampermoney script, but now, the expansion has already been given out to help the players access to it more easily.
For those who feel somewhat mean, they can choose to obtain an inequitable pathway and choose to change the game using hacks or benefits. You will surely find it easier to vanquish and complete if you use that way. No need to carry out any ability, you just start installing hacks. The screen can be zoomed out easily for checking on other opponents. If you do that, you will see them before they see you.
For those who are still finding Mods, "", "slitherio" to change the game that will help them play, but they don't receive any unfair advantage, they should come to discover this category.  There are so many things for your experience, like background changers, graphics quality mods, skins and so on.
To use the features in mods, you must use Chrome Extension for mods.


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