Resident Evil 2 Review

Resident Evil 2 Review

Even though it was 21 years since the horror game, it is not unfortunate that ResIdent EvIl 2 comes. In 1998, this masterpiece overwhelmed the markets, preserving the spirit that made it perfect, and renewing itself from the beginning.

Let's confess; We couldn't find the opportunity to play Resident Evil 2 in the first period. Since the author of this study was only 11 years old in 1998, it was not possible to experience such a game. There are some artifacts; small children do not watch / play, but almost every child somehow consumes those works. Resident Evil 2 was not such a game. He had such a harsh atmosphere and the brutality he brought to the screen that you could not escape from your own fears, even if you sat down in a hidden way from your family. For this reason, we had to miss the period of sadness, but it was out of date to play when we were old. However, if you are in the game world, you cannot remain unaware of the classic like RE2. We listened to so many stories, so much so that we observed fear to others that we wouldn't lie to any corner of it. However, the individual experience, especially in the form of fear, is very valuable and you cannot even imagine how delighted we are with this reconstruction. Content on this site and its linked pages; may not be used, reproduced or amended in any form or by way of written or quoted reference without the express written consent of LOG.


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