Play Unblocked

Play Unblocked

Hi fellas! These days we have been receiving tons of e-mails about how to play unblocked at places applying a restriction policy to internet like some schools, offices and public area networks. They say an empty page or a network connection error message is appeared when they try to play


You know is unbelievably popular and being played by hundreds of thousands of people concurrently and millions of people daily. Some system administrators at places like schools and offices restrict some web sites for some reasons. Gaming is one of these reasons and is a very addictive game. So teachers and firm administrators don’t want their students or employees play games at school or office times. So they restrict internet for some web sites.

Come on! We are born to play and we want to play it at anywhere, anytime at any condition. So listen out guys, I am sharing some tips how to overcome this problem. Network policies may differ from organization to organization. You should start from the first tip (from the easiest ones) and try next until it works.


If your organization blocked as then type your browser and you can play it. It will be way slower but it is worth trying. That is so easy, isn’t it!


There is a magical setting file named as "hosts" in your computer in this location:


Open this file in a text editor in administrative mode and add the following 3 lines under the bottom most line.

This is the most effective solution, it will work in 99% of conditions. Enjoy the game and thank me later.


Go to Type in the first text area on the left and click the link on the other text area on the right. The game will start unblocked because you will play it over Google Translate layer.

I hope they helped you. Please add your comments about how did you overcome blocking problem. Did any tips above work for you? Do you think is there any information false in this article. We want to hear your opinions so much. Have a nice day!


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