Monster Energy Supercross

Monster Energy Supercross

We are very platonic about motor sports in the country. Formula 1, MotoGP and World Rally Championship. We have had the opportunity to organize three of the world's three largest motor sport events and to host them all in the past few years. Very successful works have been done, but unfortunately there is something missing in all these organizations. The audience is interested, and eventually a rally made in Portugal, that double-sided knife, that is passion, which is why they say "these guys are in the middle of the road".

In our country, we can say that locally based motocross competitions are not recognized as competent except for bone followers. Monster Energy Supercross, developed by Milestone – The Official Videogame, helps you feel the excitement of these two-wheeled, lightweight but extremely grueling machines.

When it comes to two-wheeled vehicles and the "video game" plug-in, I always come up with a suspicion. Because motorcycles are like vehicles that should not be controlled by gamepad or keyboard. That was exactly what motivated MotoGP games years ago. The Monster Energy Supercross, on the other hand, excites me with its authenticity and intense atmosphere.

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, using VR makes us feel like we're going to find ourselves racing in Anaheim. The crowds of the grandstand and the reactions of the supporters according to the developments in the race make this feeling very strong. I also strongly recommend that the angle of the camera in the helmet be tried. If you are not claustrophobic

Motto: Realism
The official announcer of the AMA Supercross series is "In Your Face Feeling" by Ralph Sheheen. The game does not have a license problem, all the drivers who competed in the championship were passed through the three-dimensional scans.

Our tracks are real, yeah. 17 different stadium parks (some baseball, some American football field) photographed by the method of photogrammetry. To describe this fine workmanship in a single sentence may be a little unfair to the game. So much so that it is almost impossible to understand the difference between a photo and an image from a game.

Unforgettable, we can design the track according to our own taste and share it online. This feature can also be a multi-player mode, allowing it to stay alive for a long time and to experience very different challenges / excitements.

The games prepared in the sponsorship of the brand are similar to the ones prepared in a rush after the movies which are mostly made for the box office. The Monster Energy Supercross is unbeatable in this trap, and this interpretation is the power to make for some Milestone games.

When we look at the single player side of the game, you can spend a long time in a career mode with enough detail. It is also possible to experience this excitement in three different categories. 250cc East, 250cc West and 450cc series. Do not forget that you will get stuck in plenty of clay as you climb your career steps, because using these little machines is not easy.

Control and Physics
Beyond commanding with the motor direction keys, the body control of the driver can be provided with the WASD keypad, just as it is in Minus MotoGP games and MXGP. The use of front and rear wheel brakes also has a fairly high pre-setting to succeed, reflecting your racing style.

The physics of the game, which is quite amenable to making mistakes, is not liked by all players, but I do not think it can be done better in the short run. Reflecting the feeling of two wheels and the control of the game is not as easy as reflecting the four wheeled vehicles. The most important reason for this is the body movements that I have just mentioned, directed by WASD. It was tried to increase the driving feeling in this way.

Still, there seems to be a long way to go. At the top of them are accidental animations, but there is no such thing as a game simulator. Still, there is a small 'setup' section where you can play with your motor settings. The changes will be effective even though they are very limited

It does not take too long to get used to playing and impatient players can win early. The pleasure to be received after it is received is certainly not worth it.

As a result, hope the game continues to develop or try to do better with the same strategy. The track is a success and Monster Energy Supercross is definitely not an empty game.


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