Hunt: the showdown in the video showing the new monster at E3

Hunt: the showdown in the video showing the new monster at E3

Crytek's battle Royale is the game that gave the type of Hunt: Showdown's shared a new gameplay video. The closed beta phase in the past months from the passing game, in general it made the players happy. Published a new gameplay trailer we get a chance to see the newly added monster in the game. This looks more terrible and frightening monster that other monsters can only live in the lakes.

Hunt: the showdown E3 video was released

Two monster players in the later stages showing a construction of a closed beta period, more monsters will be added. On the other hand, studies also show that the optimization of the game continues unabated. Even the closed beta version of CPU troubles with generating a very good Hunt: Showdown, when he gets out much more probably be a shortage of optimization.

Battle Royale productions between certain gameplay mechanics itself, thanks to the Hunt: the showdown, players currently if you are interested in Fortnite and PUBG came to dominate the market like. However, Crytek , if the game adds content that will appeal to a very special players, I can say that things would change. Different styles in PvP thanks to its structure, players, holds every second bumps on top of the Hunt: the showdown, in addition to all these, Turkish language support.


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