How To Make The Wide Screen Trick In

How To Make The Wide Screen Trick In is a flash based game that is presented for the gamers and is spread rapidly in all our country. The game can be played without any installation.The game is a multiplayer game.The gamers need internet connection to play the game because it is an internet based game.

The purpose of the game is to collect points to reach to the highest lenght to enter the top 10 list.The game continues until the snake burns.You can provide the opponent to crash with its head to you so that they get eliminated and the player can get the points from its opponent.This way,the player can fold the points.This situation is eligible for you.If you crash to another snake then you are the one who will get to burn and this would be a nerve breaking situation for you. tactics to become a bigger snake

–Do not move continuously fast and use the speed button after growing up.

-Keep the distance open between you and your opponents because they are able to suddenly maneuver.

-After reaching to a specific lenght ,try to draw a circle around the opponents.

-If you are a small snake,then you dont have anything to loose ,so you can make sudden moves infront of the bigger snakes to burn them.

-The biggest benefit of the trick is ,if you play on a wide screen the chances are less to get burned.


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