Party Mode, Play With Your Friends Party Mode, Play With Your Friends

We all love to play, right? is double enjoyable when you play it with your friends in the same game room. In the past there were two methods how to play with your friends:

1. Using a Browser Extension: A couple of months ago we shared a quick tutorial about it, you can check it here.

2. With keeping hitting F5 and refreshing the browser until the same leader-board appears for all of our friends.

Then we were enjoying the game with our nicknames and that was amazing.


Today "Party Mode" is introduced. After this moment we are able to get a code of the room that we will play and share this code among our friends. They will select "Party Mode" either and enter this code when they start playing. And all of our friends playing in the same place. Wonderful, isn’t it?


All you have to do is to select "Party Mode" and press "Create" button, so you will get the code. Then you share this code with your friends. Your friends will select "Party Mode" and press "Join" button and enter the code they received and hit "Play".

That’s all. Easy!

Congratulations Zeach, you are making this game more perfect and playable each day. Thanks!

What do you think about this great feature guys? Did you like it? Was there any other ways to play with your friends? Please share your opinions in the comment section below.


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